Windows Server
Handy Networks @ Denver, CO

Windows SERVER 2003
Dell™ PowerEdge 2850
Dual Xeon 3.2Ghz Proccesors
4GB memory
Backup Harddrive

Linux Server
Cyber Building 5th floor

Cloud linux
Dual processor Intel Xeon E5-2620
64 GB Memory
Hardisk RAID 10


Dual Power Feeds
Redundant UPS: Dual PowerWare 160KVA
Distribution: Starline Bussway
Generator: Cummings 1000KW diesel with 7 day fuel supply plus refueling contracts
ATS: 16000 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Direct dual, redundant Gigabit fiber connections to Cable & Wireless. Direct connection to their national fiber network node located in an adjacent building. Cable & Wireless maintains 8 OC-192 connections.
Gigabit connection to Internap via XO fiber, with Internap’s local Point of Presence (PNAP) less than a block away from the datacenter. Internap peers directly to 8 Tier 1 backbones and features proprietary intelligent routing technology to route traffic over the providers with the least latency and packet loss. Internap peers directly with UUNET, Sprint, Global Crossing, Cable & Wireless, Level(3), Verio, XO and AT&T.
netVmg intelligent routing hardware which constantly monitors the performance of all backbone connections and automatically routes traffic to the provider(s) with the best performance in real-time.
Multiple Diverse Fiber Paths
Cisco Powered Network, including dual / redundant Gigabit core routing and switching gear with HSRP failover

Cooling and Humidity: Controlled by six (6) 30-ton Data Aire air handling units (AHUs) providing N+2 redundancy.
Operating Environment: Set at 68°F (20°C) with 45% humidity and a variation of no more than 4°F of temprature, or 4% in humidity.

Fire Detection & Suppression:
Fire Detection: Multi-zone above and below raised floor monitored internally by the NOC and externally by Honeywell.
Fire Suppression: Dry pipe pre-action system that will not pressurize until two (2) monitors are triggered. Discharge will only occur in the area where the temperature would rise to trigger a fire sprinkler head.

Operations Center:
Staffing: 24 x 7 x 365.
Personnel: NOC personnel are well trained with CCNA, CCNP, CCSA, CCSE, MCSE and other certifications.
Monitor: The Network, facilities, and customers are monitored continuously by best of breed monitoring tools.
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